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Token Details

  • Ticker
  • Name
  • Type
  • Initial Price
  • Circulating Supply
  • Total Supply
  • Contract Address
  • $SAR
  • Saren
  • ERC20
  • $0.001
  • 30,000,000
  • 1,000,000,000
  • 0xbd4a858139b155219e2c8d10135003fdef720b6b
  • 0xbd...b6b

Where to buy

The coin is live on Uniswap

Details regarding the coin can be viewed on our Blog

Token Distribution ($SAR)

There will be no private or public sale to avoid whales from accumulating a big chunk of the supply. Token will be launched straight to Uniswap to give everyone a fair chance at buy the token.

  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000
  • Total Liquidity Reserves250,000,000
  • Initial Uniswap Listing 130,000,000
  • Team Allocation100,000,000
  • Development400,000,000
  • Marketing250,000,000

1: Initial Uniswap listing supply is part of total liquidity reserves

Release Schedule

Each round of tokens will be released on different exchanges as liquidity from the liquidity reserves. Round 1 was done on Uniswap. Additional rounds will be completed as project gains traction.

Round 1-5
30,000,000 Tokens
Round 6-7
20,000,000 Tokens
Round 7-14
10,000,000 Tokens
Use Case

Use Cases

  • Governance Protocol: Any governance decisions like new token rewards, changes to liquidity reserves etc. will be done through a protocol which will use Saren tokens as primary voting power.
  • Subscription protocol: Holders of Saren will get reduced fees on the upcoming subscription protocol in Q3.
  • Advertisements: Any advertisements on Saren apps will have to paid for in Saren tokens which will be redistributed amongst the app users to build a self-sustained ecosystem.
  • Cerberus: Once the decentralisation of Cerberus is complete, companies will have to hold Saren tokens to be able to list new coins on Cerberus. Additionally, $SAR holders now have to approve any new coins listed on cerberus through a vote.
  • Shill my coins app: Our next app that will be released in Q2 2021 will be a reddit like forum where Saren holders will be able to make a post about any coin listed on Cerberus.