What is $ORBIT?

PriceInitial Price$0.01
CirculatingCirculating Supply50,000,000
TotalTotal Supply100,000,000
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Details coming soon.

Token Distribution

Token Distribution ($ORBIT)

  • Total Supply 100,000,000
  • Circulating Supply50,000,000
  • Team Allocation10,000,000
  • Development25,000,000
  • Marketing15,000,000

Vesting Schedule

Team tokens will be locked for 1 year. Additionally, development and marketing tokens will be unlocked at 500,000 tokens per month.

Any changes to the vesting schedule will need to be voted in through the governance protocol.

Use Cases

  • DAO: Any governance decisions like new token rewards, changes to development/market reserves etc. will be done through a protocol which will use Saren tokens as primary voting power.
Use Case

Advertisements: Any advertisements on Saren apps will get a discount if paid in our native token. Profits from Advertisements will be used to buyback part of the token supply.

App: Once the decentralisation of our app is complete, companies holding $ORBIT will be able to bid on advertisements directly on our app.

Comments and User Profiles: $ORBIT holders will get special badges on their profiles and will be able to opt in for special reports and rewards like NFT drops.