Advanced crytpo tracking and analytics.

A decentralised crypto tracking app built for the crypto community.

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Why Cerberus?

Home Page

View all coins and sort them as needed

Filter all coins based on daily or hourly percentage gain.
You can sort the coins based on market cap, volume, percentage gain, current price and every field available on the interface.

Additionally, you can favourite all your coins and have them load automatically the next time you come to the page.

Analytics Page

View advanced analytics for each coin

Check out detailed data like github links, explorers, social links and tweets (experimental feature) straight from the app.

Copy the contract address or check out public sentiment. We display all information you would need as an investor to assess your next moon shot.

Analytics Page
Markets Table

Sort trusted markets and exchanges

Trade with confidence by sorting through exchanges and checking the trust rating.
Click the exchange name to take you directly to the trading pair of that exchange.

Sort through exchanges with highest liquidity or trust rating and make an informed choice on where to buy your coins.

Add Coin Page

Import any coin from coingecko

Didn't find your favourite coins listed on cerberus but found them on coingecko?
You can now import them directly, just click on import coins and type the name or symbol in the search bar. Click on preview and confirm it is the coin you are looking for.

The coins are imported in a completely decentralised way without needing any approval from anyone. Once you import, wait for confirmation notification and the coin should be available on the app straight away.

Add Coin Page


Feature list

  • Night mode
  • Proof of engagement token
  • Decentralisation of coin listing
  • Tweets
  • Multiple wallet portfolio viewer
  • Tags view

Frequently Asked Questions