• Q3 2020

    Initial Concept

    First prototype

    Cerberus Wallet

  • Q4 2020

    Cerberus V1

    Coin List


  • Q1 2021

    Proof Of Engagement Token

    Saren community

  • Q2 2021

    Shill My Coins App

    Decentralised coin listngs

  • Q3 2021

    Subscription protocol

    Creator subscription App

    Crypto subscription financial tools

  • Q4 2021: Future features and strategy

Join Saren's global open-source community

Saren's financial tools provide reliable cryptocurrency data and economic strategies to help it's consumers with a social interactive market to support blockchain development.

Why Saren?

Get rewarded for keeping track of your crypto

Our industry first rewards mechanism rewards our users for keeping track of their favourite projects.

Each user is paid out our Proof of Engagement token every week which they can use to help shape the future of Saren through our governance protocol or liquidity on Uniswap.

Why Us?


Latest updates on our projects
Charts and UI fixes

Now was the time to just wrap up everything and finish the initial version. When I started this app, I had no idea it was going to be a full-blown DAPP...

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Converting to a Decentralised App

At this stage, I felt like I had all the information I needed to help me with my trading. One of the things that felt missing...

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Non ERC20 Coins

After finishing the ERC20 list. I now wanted to check analytics for other coins I was holding. Coins like bitcoin and polkadot. I knew how...

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Coin List

Now that I was satisfied with the analytics I was getting out of the coin page,I wanted to see more details about more coins. Coins that I...

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Coin Analytics

After finishing up the last version, coin page still looked incomplete to me. It seemed like I had all the information there, but a lot...

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Coin Details

After using the app for a while I realised, there needs to be a better way to view the information I needed. I use it...

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Subscription protocol and app

Starting from q2 2021 we will be working on a subscription protocol for independent creators that allows them to self-sustain through support from their user base.

This subscription model will be censorship resistant and completely decentralised. No single entity will be able to block these payments or modify payment agreement without the authorisation of both the creator and support. Changes to the payment policies will be decentralised and governed independently for each creator, meaning that subscription policy for one user may be completely different from the policy of the other user.

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